Love Poems Meets Silverio’s Electric Punk

The podcast I listened to was Words, Word, Words, by Robert Tinajero and the episode was titled Love Poems where 4 love poems were read and compared with their individual messages. In this episode, Professor Tinajero begins with the first poem titled “Oranges” by Gary Soto in which the author expresses a sweet, young, and inexperienced love showing how happy and in love he was with the girl. The second poem titled “I’ve Been Under Many Ceilings” by Robert Tinajero where, contrary to Oranges, this poem expresses an older person explaining the different ceilings of his life and how he now wants to share the rest of their life with the girl. The third poem called “True Love” by Judith Viorst is direct with the issues of a married couple using humor and realistic situations that explain the deep love in the couple. She insinuates that no matter what qualities one possesses, true love will be there. The final poem titled “Beneath My Hand and Eye the Distant Hill, Your Body” by Gary Snider showcasing the sexual and sensual part of a relationship. All four poems could be analyzed as different stages of love or different kinds of love that exist in these poems and real life.

The second podcast I listened to was Desmadre Podcast, episode 083; Silverio, Su Majestad Imperial. Silverio is a Mexican Electro Punk artist that the hosts, Jesus and Sammy interview while he was touring in Ecuador, U.S., Columbia, Chicago, etc. where he discussed his baptized name he received from being born in Guerreros. He mentioned that music has changed a lot since 2000 and how people would mention they would be offended by what he said and how he reacted. He mentioned how Silverio is universal and that everyone has a little “Silverio” inside that can work in any country, meaning people with passion. People would receive him horribly and question his fame in the past but he continued to play despite their claims. His family is disgusted by his career and he is saddened by their disapproval of him but he takes joke of how he treats his mom in respect to that. He mentions his respect for Juan Gabriel’s attitude towards homosexuality as well as discussing his opinions of other celebrities such as Paulina Rubio. He speaks of his belief of a superstition of a red underwear so he may never lack money and sex, which he admits he never does lack. He finishes the interview by promoting the process of how his disks are made and the organization of his music videos.

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