Love Poems Meets Silverio’s Electric Punk

The podcast I listened to was Words, Word, Words, by Robert Tinajero and the episode was titled Love Poems where 4 love poems were read and compared with their individual messages. In this episode, Professor Tinajero begins with the first poem titled “Oranges” by Gary Soto in which the author expresses a sweet, young, and inexperienced love showing how happy and in love he was with the girl. The second poem titled “I’ve Been Under Many Ceilings” by Robert Tinajero where, contrary to Oranges, this poem expresses an older person explaining the different ceilings of his life and how he now wants to share the rest of their life with the girl. The third poem called “True Love” by Judith Viorst is direct with the issues of a married couple using humor and realistic situations that explain the deep love in the couple. She insinuates that no matter what qualities one possesses, true love will be there. The final poem titled “Beneath My Hand and Eye the Distant Hill, Your Body” by Gary Snider showcasing the sexual and sensual part of a relationship. All four poems could be analyzed as different stages of love or different kinds of love that exist in these poems and real life.

The second podcast I listened to was Desmadre Podcast, episode 083; Silverio, Su Majestad Imperial. Silverio is a Mexican Electro Punk artist that the hosts, Jesus and Sammy interview while he was touring in Ecuador, U.S., Columbia, Chicago, etc. where he discussed his baptized name he received from being born in Guerreros. He mentioned that music has changed a lot since 2000 and how people would mention they would be offended by what he said and how he reacted. He mentioned how Silverio is universal and that everyone has a little “Silverio” inside that can work in any country, meaning people with passion. People would receive him horribly and question his fame in the past but he continued to play despite their claims. His family is disgusted by his career and he is saddened by their disapproval of him but he takes joke of how he treats his mom in respect to that. He mentions his respect for Juan Gabriel’s attitude towards homosexuality as well as discussing his opinions of other celebrities such as Paulina Rubio. He speaks of his belief of a superstition of a red underwear so he may never lack money and sex, which he admits he never does lack. He finishes the interview by promoting the process of how his disks are made and the organization of his music videos.

Method of Communication

Technology has played an important role in many lives; however, I am not one to make it my priority unless it correlates to work or school. The most I spend on my phone or online is when I watch my favorite shows or movies but not beyond that. In her talk “Connected, but Alone?”, Sherry Turkle emphasizes the idea of self-presentation from, what she calls, the Goldilocks Effect which specifies that people can’t get enough of each other only if they are the ones in control. This allows individuals to begin controlling who they talk to online so they could begin to build the persona they want others to perceive of them on social media.

I have two older sisters who can’t get enough of TikTok or Instagram posts despite the amount of free time they actually have and three younger siblings that only speak to me if they aren’t glued to their phones or tablets. Before we even had our own phones or technology of any kind, my sisters and I would constantly talk and gossip about school or family issues we were eager to discuss about. This was a time when our source of information or entertainment was not YouTube or Netflix but rather the time we spent with each other to laugh about a dad joke a teacher had made that was genuinely funny. Now, we only communicate through a group chat on Instagram or by texting each other about anything new or important.

I won’t excerpt the blame to technology but rather the fact we’ve grown up. I don’t mean this to say that as you get older you by force have to implement technology in your life, only that we are no longer able to sit together in one room and begin imitating a vine or play clue on the dining room floor because we no longer have the time to spend with each other. Us texting or talking in our group chat is no different from when we were younger since, according to John McWhorter, texting is “not writing at all” but writing how we speak. We communicate exactly how we used to and even video call at times but the only change from then to now is our method of communicating with each other.

Share Information, Don’t Erase It

Larry Sanger, founder of Wikipedia, deems the term “what we all know” background knowledge that will allow anyone to become knowledgeable in any area. It allows individuals to know about any topic or subject, therefore coining the term “politics of knowledge”, according to Sanger. In short, politics of knowledge is the spread of knowledge or information to anyone, not just professionals, or elites. This allows for the common people or person to know the same information as professionals and academics, however, this egalitarianism about knowledge gives us a “collective authority” that was not available to us before. We are able to pass on this acquired knowledge which can give anyone the power to, as Sanger wrote, “determine society’s background knowledge”.

The idea that politics of knowledge has taken over the dependency of relying on professionals for information and knowledge can be beneficial as well as a drawback. By increasing our information of “what we know”, we are also decreasing our reliance and trust into actual professionals who dedicate their time to actually learning about that information. This isn’t to say that our background knowledge is not valid, only that the democratization of knowledge can be distributed between common individuals and academic professionals to form “common knowledge”, according to Wikipedia.

There are different methods of obtaining this information, however, the most prominent one, according to Wikipedia, are libraries because they store all information that is accessible to the public. Every piece of information to rely on is in public libraries since they provide information in different formats, digital and electronic which means that all of that acquired information will not be forgotten. In the podcast titled Right to Be Forgotten, Molly Webster, a reporter for the New York public radio, brings up the idea that some knowledge can be erased and forgotten but it really can’t. Being able to accept the mistakes one did and own up to it is the perfect way to, as Deborah Dwyer phrased, “clean up everyone’s past”. Accepting the background knowledge of past mistakes allows for new and improved politics of knowledge to be more open and welcoming for everyone.

That’s Not Your Ink!

Recently, I decided to get a tattoo as a way to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Of course, it hurt once I got it but it’s not the pain that I took with me that day. It was the amazement at how the man doing my tattoo had all of his original artwork hung up all over the walls in the room we were in. He mentioned that he created all of the designs himself, some of which took 1 week to finish, and I couldn’t help but come to agree with the artist who sued Warner Bro’s for using his original artwork in The Hangover Part II.

Mike Tyson with original tattoo and actor Ed Helms with copied design

I believe and support the tattoo artist, Victor Whitmill, in his decision to sue as it is his own art piece. He should be compensated for the effort and creativity he invested in creating the design. I never understood why some tattoo artists would be infuriated when they don’t get credit or compensation for their tattoo artwork but ever since I got my tattoo, I completely understood that once the artist creates a design completely on their own, it becomes THEIR design and automatically have all the rights to it. The only way for the original design to be used again is either through crediting the artist or compensating them, which Whitmill was not provided. According to an article by Bang Showbiz, The Hangover Part II made a “gross income of over $488 million” so Whitmill should be given about 900, 000 dollars for his design being used in the movie as a fair exchange.

INSC Magazine copyright image

The creative process that any artist has to go through is difficult, stressful, and tiring seeing as they put all their effort into creating an artistic masterpiece. The same said for tattoo artists and the tattoos they draw on people. By using a tattoo artist’s original artwork ink without crediting or paying them will devalue their design. In simpler terms, instead of the artist getting paid for others to use their original creative artwork, they are using it without compensating the artist, therefore, making it unprofitable. Apart from not paying them, they are also stealing their artwork. The amount of dedication it takes to create a tattoo design is lengthy and stressful to get it perfect and just the way the customer will like it. The tattoo artist that I went to explained that “a tattoo is like a drawing on paper with pencil. Just because they draw on skin, doesn’t mean it’s not art” and every single piece of art has a painter behind the pencil that spent time working on it. Its all about giving the proper people, the proper credit.

High Infidelity, Not The Movie

The beginning of an affair, is the end of a marriage.

Almost everyone knows who Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are from their extremely famous roles such as Daredevil and Elektra and their real life romance, however, what people don’t remember is that Ben Affleck was unfaithful to Jennifer Garner with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian, who was only supposed to take care of their children. This led to their divorce in 2018 therefore ending their marriage completely. Any married couple should avoid the chance of hiring any attractive home helper in the possibility that they may get involved with your spouse.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split in 2018 after Ben was involved with nanny, Christine Ouzounian (bottom right)

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are a perfect example of what hiring an attractive home helper can do to majority of married couples. A 2004 study has shown that “men and women are more likely to engage in unfaithful relationships with attractive people outside of their marriage” including those that spend a lot of time around or with them. This isn’t to say that the hired help isn’t wanted, only that it wouldn’t be a good idea since doing so can cause unfaithful actions from either spouse.

Personally edited image of vintage gold meme

Others might argue that they trust their significant other alone with a single individual, however, in a New York Post article by Naomi Riley, she wrote “men and women will cheat if encountered with unattached, appealing women or men” meaning trust won’t hold your partner back from cheating. Monogamy is still alive in most marriages so it would be safer to avoid giving yourself or your partner the chance to end your marriage by getting involved with attractive hired help. Married couples should NOT hire attractive home helpers as it is a bomb of destruction for their own marriage. The answer to avoiding this issue is pretty simple…don’t hire them and maintain a happy and prolonged marriage.